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Project Description

Fun People Inc. is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person courses of languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid for adults. Their main attraction is workshop camps. Dozens of people join the workshops every month in different locations, as the school has a very special recipe: they integrate classes, outdoor activities, technology, humor, games, and other cool stuff to their mission of teaching people additional skills.

However, many people are unable to attend the workshop camps due to time and cost reasons, but still want to take part in a course. Fun People Inc. needs a way to provide an engaging online experience for people who cannot attend the workshop camp.

This project was a collaboration project that I did in IronHack with Juliette in a 5 day design sprint.


Mobile App Design

Sketch, Principle

Loading page when user open the app. Animated on Principle
Problem Statement

Fun People Inc. needs a way to provide an engaging online experience for students that cannot attend the workshop camp.

Project Challenge

Creating an online learning platform that will transform the in-person learning experience into a 100% digital experience, so people with less time and financial resources can join

Market Research

Before we jump to the solution, we did some competitor analysis. Although we worked together, we divided our work, and Juliette was the one in charge of doing competitor analysis, while I was preparing survey questions and doing user analysis to find out our target audience

User Research

Our target users are professional men & women between 23 and 45 years old, who are interested in learning new skills online and familiar with the technology. After deciding our target group, we made a survey and asked some people who matched our target users to answer the survey; with more than 50 respondents (within 2 days) these are the results we gathered

We gathered the survey results together and Juliette came up with the graphic.
User Persona

Oliva, 27 yo. Junior Content Writer at an Advertising Agency.

Quote: “I want to learn something new that I can apply to my career”

User Story

Olivia came to Germany from Spain around a year ago and she currently works as Jr. Content Writer at an advertising agency. As a content writer, language is one of the most important things in her career. Now, she is in Germany and wants to improve her German to boost her career. Her company supports her to take a German course but her work hours are unpredictable, so it’s hard for her to find a course that matches her schedule. She wants to be able to learn effectively at her own pace with high quality content and support. She still needs strictness to keep her on track.

  • Learn German efficiently
  • Learn at her own pace
  • Have high quality content
  • Have good interaction with her tutor
  • To be able to see her learning progress and be satisfied with the results
  • Can’t fine online learning platform with high quality content
  • Her schedule doesn’t match with offline courses
  • German is a really difficult language
  • Doesn’t have support for learning the language
Photo by Taylor on Unsplash
Feature prioritization matrix
feature Prioritization

Based on our research, we came up with a list of possible features. They are a lot of features that looked appealing, but we didn’t really need them, so we went back and forth to check our research, user insights from the survey and competitor analysis, then we took a look at our persona that we created based on the research. Then, using the Moscow Matrix tool, we did Feature Prioritization.


After testing and iterating the low-fi, we came up with the mid-fi wireframe. My collaboration with Juliette ended here because the project was only to make a mid-fi wireframe.

Hi-Fi Wireframe

My collaboration with Juliette ended after we finished our mid-fi wireframe but I decided to take the challenge of making a hi-fi wireframe and then prototype it. I did a lot of iterations with the hi-fi and it ended up looking slightly different from the mid-fi wireframe.


This was the most fun part of the process, and I enjoyed it so much. I spent a good amount of time making it on Principle App. I need to have a super clean file so the elements wouldn’t be jumpy when I prototyped it and I really like how it turned out.


Users need to sign up to access the workshops that we offer. The prototype was built on Principle.

Payment Method

After finishing the sign-up process, the user will be able to choose the recommended course that’s most suitable for them

Workshop feed and forum page

In these pages, users can check the workshops that they already paid. Users can also get support both from the community and the tutor, they can join the forum and/or send private messages.

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