Visual Sketchnote Taking

I’m preparing myself for a UX/UI Design Bootcamp right now. I am so excited about the course and before doing the actual Bootcamp, us, student, need to do some Prework exercises and challenges which really interesting and I really am digging it even though I start pretty late because the actual Bootcamp will start in less than a week.

The first exercise that we needed complete was taking visual notes from a Meetup event or a TED Talks. I didn’t have a chance to attend any Meetup event in my current city and I really was interested in the presentation from Daniel Engber about How the Progress Bar Keeps You Sane.

This talk was about how a progress bar affects the user’s experience and psychology. It didn’t matter if the progress bar was accurate or not, the matter was it is there. To seeing it made people feel better because they expected something and great stuff was about to happen.

As a designer, I liked to doodle before I actually sat in front of my laptop and did the digital thing, usually only a really low-fi screen or layout. But I hadn’t done sketch-noting before. I was never really good at drawing and never did it for a long time. I needed to start sketching more and maybe I would get better.