I’m Desy Setyowati – UI/UX and product
designer based in Berlin
– who loves
a clean, simple, unique, and high performing design.

Currently, I work at AUTO1 Group and together
with the design team building better experience
for the users on our platforms wkda and autohero
as responsive website across Europe.

UX/UI Design | Responsive Web
Redesign: Museumsuferfest
  • Sketch & Principle
UX/UI Design | App Design
Fun People Inc.
  • Sketch, Principle, InVision
UX/UI Design | Responsive Web
D/S Mag. Online Magazine
  • Sketch, Principle, Adobe XD
A little bit (or a lot)
About Me

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Desy Setyowati, or you can simply call me Dee. I’m a UI/UX and product designer from Indonesia and now based in Berlin – who loves a clean, simple, unique, and high performing design but also not afraid to try something new. I enjoy crafting user interfaces, visual design, brand identity, wireframes, prototypes, as well as usability testing and user research. A quote from Steve Jobs always resonates when I design. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – A good design should speak louder and be able to deliver the message to a wider audience.

I consider myself a fast learning, punctual, pragmatic, hard-working and responsible person, who works with passion and efficiency, and who loves new challenges. I am a team player who can work individually but also enjoy collaborating.

During college and the first few years after graduation, I have challenged and explored my skills to design in various mediums – from printed media, packaging, and video editing to book layouts.

The digital world has always fascinated me – so much so that I started working as a freelance designer while I was studying at Telkom University. In October 2019 I started the  UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack to enrich my skills.

I have worked for more than 5 years in digital agencies designing for international brands. I found that the world of design has taken me further in my career, and my journey is unlikely to stop. I strive to explore more challenges in design, and love working with a diverse group of people with unique backgrounds and strong passion.

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